The Palm River Hotel

Superbly located among the trees on the bank of the Zambezi river in Victoria Falls is yet another development from the Spencer Creek Group, owners of the Ilala Lodge Hotel. Their latest establishment, the Palm River Hotel is a rarity of sort in the Victoria Falls area as the site is situated only about 200 metres away from the Zambezi river and also north facing allowing every single room of the establishment to not only get passive solar but also have a stunning view of the mighty Zambezi river.

At only 7kms from the world wonder, Victoria Falls, The Palm River Hotel is conveniently located for guests to experience luxury in a private setting and also enjoy easy access to the various activities on offer in the Victoria Falls area.

Renowned local architect, Bruce Rowlands working in collaboration with Form Studio’s interior architect Kerry Van Leenhoff and in consultation with the client drew inspiration from Australia’s Queenslander design style. Adopting the Queenslander’s high set, distinct and unique design to the upper Zambezi river landscape.

The design and placement of the buildings were done in a such a way that the huge and beautiful trees on the bank of the Zambezi got preserved as the buildings are actually nestled among the trees and lower than the tree lines thus maintaining the site as natural as possible.

The Palm River Hotel’s entrance and reception were intentionally positioned on the side to create an open entry way which announces the river and allows the guest an unmatched panoramic view of the meandering Zambezi river all the way to the Zambian side upon arrival.

As a first-time guest, you arrive, explore, and become thoroughly immersed in the natural beauty of the river frontage; long before being confronted with the formalities of checking in at reception.
This is according to the design intent to keep the pleasure of arriving at the forefront of the experience. Instead of standing at a reception desk with your back to the view, you are seated at a comfortable river-facing terrace, where the receptionist brings you a drink and takes you through an informal briefing.

This view is framed as it were by a bridge which goes from the main building to the block of rooms, this small bridge was actually designed and styled after the iconic Victoria Falls bridge. From under this bridge the guests get a view of the river as well as access to the pool and outdoor dining area on the waterfront.

All this was purposefully designed to ensure that The Palm River’s guests get the best experience as well as provide an easy check out process with a close by parking lot.


The Palm River Hotel will offer a total of 73 rooms and suites spread over seven blocks:

• Block A (Acacia)
• Block B (Baobab)
• Block C (Combretum)
• Block D (Duiker-Berry)
• Block E (Ebony)
• Block F (Fig)
• The Palm River Villa

All room varieties at The Palm River Hotel come with private river facing balconies, whilst suite varieties include private lounges and balconies with outside showers.


Elegantly appointed with comfort and space in mind, the interior design of the rooms is focused
on bringing the outside in, with the stylish use of natural tones, locally sourced materials and artwork reflective of the area.

The tastefully modern style of the Queenslander is reflected on the inside as well as the outside, and introduces a new dimension of luxury, providing guests with every modern convenience to make their stay as comfortable as possible while maintaining the old-world charm that is the essence of Victoria Falls.

The well placed rooms all offer expansive views of the riverside garden from the bedroom balcony, allowing guests to feel up close and personal with the mighty Zambezi River, even from within the comfort of their rooms.

With Zimbabwe’s idyllic climate, the hotel’s outdoor areas are favoured by guests, and have received as much design detailing as the indoor areas. During rare periods of rain, the main building is able to accommodate all 150 dining guests indoors, but for most days of the year its huge shutters remain fully open to the outdoors. Its upper level offers guests a beauty spa, a cosy library lounge, and a board room opening onto a private dining terrace.

Another outstanding feature at The Palm is the lap pool close to the waterfront, the lap pool goes against the traditional big deep pools and is becoming increasingly popular as it is not only narrow and shallow but also comes with health and fitness benefits. From the pool is a walkway that goes all the way to the river where there is a jetty dinning deck. The walkways on the site made use of the abundant natural aggregate stone from the Victoria Falls Rainforest Park which is replicated throughout the scenic routes of the site. The Palm River Hotel also runs lovely boats which dock at the jetty.

photos by The Palm River Hotel and Structure and Design additional photos, renders and plans by Architexture Spatial Design


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