Baines Restaurant adds to the vibrant eatery scene of Vic Falls

You have heard the saying “There is always something new and amazing out of Africa”. Something that you would go out of the way to spread word of mouth about its world-class service, and let others experience its magic.

The restaurant is a breadth of fresh air, there is a charm entrapped in its delectable dishes, that have drawn warm commentary from local and international diners since doors opened.

“Almost all 5-star reviews have been part of feedback from tourists. The feedback has been incredible and the visitors just love being able to sit and dine by the river”, observed Andrew Lane, CEO.

The restaurant’s dish concept is anchored on the authentic Afro Bistro, a modern menu with a touch of local African ingredients.

The food is an ode to authentic and colourful Africa, sure to stir the appetite of foodie souls. This is a perfect spot for guests in search of made-in-Africa fine dining experiences to take home!

The location of the restaurant on the edge of the Zambezi River, just 5 minutes from Victoria Falls town centre sets the visitor to indulge amid vistas of the cascading waters and the bush around them.

“Our restaurant is a sit-down, allowing guests to take in the spectacular views of the Zambezi River. The atmosphere is something in between casual and fine dining,” said Lane.

Lane noted why guests should visit the restaurant, saying: “A truly unique location, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, tastefully finished décor, good service and quality food! Which creates a wonderful all-round experience for our visitors” This is a great catch for both local and international tourists.

Through their umbrella company, Victoria Falls Investments, the Baines Restaurant is involved in various community-building and sustainability projects. From keeping Victoria Falls Clean, by being a member of Pristine Victoria Falls and supporting other wildlife  organizations in the area.

“Victoria Falls Investments has created partnerships with several tourism companies and investors to develop new and unique companies and products within the industry. Our vision is to provide opportunities to offer something different and exciting through tourism-related products as part of the growth point in our industry,” said Lane.

From a guest satisfaction perspective, restaurant management would like them to “leave being completely blown away by every aspect of the restaurant, from location, design, décor, service and quality of food and drinks served.”

Just like viewing the majestic falls, the restaurant is a die-for modern eatery. Great food has a pull factor wherever it’s prepared, and for the restaurant, many people are already returning for more.

Breakfasts start from 8:30 am, lunch from 11 till 3 pm. Sunset drinks until 6 pm and soon dinner services will be added.

Ample parking is available, and so is reasonable accessibility for people with disabilities.

Text by Martin Chemhere


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